Exquisite Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is a naturally occurring material that comes from different parts of the world, with a major source being Tivoli, Italy. It’s a natural stone tile that’s made from the sedimentary rock travertine. It can also be found in Mexico, parts of southwest America and Eastern Europe.

Travertine is sometimes sold as “travertine marble” or “travertine limestone.” Although travertine is related to these stones, it is not technically a marble or a limestone. It forms around hot springs and through deposition in wet caves, with carbon-dioxide saturated water breaking down calcium carbonate and redepositing it. Travertine usually contains a mixture of minerals from the environment where it formed, along with the calcium carbonate, and it has a very coarse texture with lots of holes created by air bubbles and living organisms which were trapped in the rock. The stone can be white, yellow, beige, creamy, or red in color, depending on the minerals which have penetrated it.

You can purchase travertine in a wide number of finishes, including glossy, shiny, and matte.

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Finding Your Perfect Tile

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