ser5 - How to Set Up the Perfect Space for Your Home Business

Running a home-based business may sound like a dream, but the reality is often a lot more challenging than it sounds. It’s just too easy to get distracted when you’re working from home. To stay productive and give your business the attention it needs, a dedicated home workspace is essential!

Not sure where to start? These tips courtesy of Exquisite Tile will help you get started out on the right foot!

Buy a New Home

If your home is short on space and renovations are unwieldy, shopping for a new property might be your best bet. For example, you could look for a home with an extra bedroom that’s far away from the living room and kitchen, so you won’t be bothered by household distractions. You could even buy a bigger property where you can build a separate structure for your office. This is a great option if you’ll be meeting with clients at your house. If you’re pinching pennies, sometimes an as-is property is worth considering, but get familiar with how that works beforehand. Whatever you decide, think carefully about your business needs and get in touch with a trustworthy agent to start looking for your new home.

Make it Client-Friendly

There are several reasons why your clients may need to visit your home-based workspace. If you offer personal services like hairdressing, tailoring, business consulting, or tax preparation, you should think about how you can make your clients feel comfortable about visiting your home. Designing a home office with a separate entrance for clients is a great solution. This way, your visitors won’t have to walk through your home to get to your home office. You may also want to beautify the space by redoing your floors with quality tiles from Exquisite Tile.

Build Your Own Home

If you can’t find the right workspace solution for your needs, it may be worthwhile to build your own home. While building a new home can be costly and time-consuming, it might be the only way to achieve a space that fits your needs properly. Building a home also means that you won’t have to deal with major maintenance issues for quite a long time. If you have the budget for it, why not?

Renovate Your Home

If buying or building a home doesn’t make sense for your family right now, see what you can do with your existing space. Converting a garage or basement into an office could be an excellent solution. You may even be able to squeeze a tiny workspace into a hallway, walk-in closet, or quiet corner of the living room. If you opt for a tiny office space, it can help to paint the walls a different color from the rest of your home to create a clear distinction between your work and living space.

Prepare Your Business

Besides designing a home office space, make sure your business is set up to operate legally from your residence. First, you will have to choose a business structure, register your business in your state, and obtain a business license. Many business owners decide to form an LLC to gain tax advantages and protect themselves from liability. If you want to go the same route, familiarize yourself with the regulations around forming an LLC before getting started on the formation process.

Running a business from home is an excellent way to keep costs down and avoid the daily commute, but dealing with distractions can be tough. Set up a home workspace where you can really focus! If you require more space, it may be time to start thinking about buying a new home.

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