tilelay - How To Make Your Space Look Larger

Larger the tile, larger the space looks This simple truth can help anyone with a room, which feels or looks too small, to make it instantly look much larger than it really is. This is such a popular trick because, not only does it work really well, but also it requires no extra effort, just larger tiles.

It’s funny because many people don’t believe just how well this works until they see it. This concept is effective because as our eyes see large tiles, our brains automatically associate them with a large space, in effect tricking our eyes into thinking they are looking at a much larger area than it really is.

tilelay 1024x680 - How To Make Your Space Look Larger

Choosing Grouting

Choosing grout for your tile can be a daunting task. You need to decide on the look you are planning on having at the end of the project. Do you want your grout to match and blend, or do you want your grout to make a bold statement?

Matching and Blending

By matching and blending, you are creating a less noticeable grout joint. Therefore, the lines will run together creating a harmonized area.

1) Chose a color that is similar to the main color of your tile.

2) Chose a color that is the same as all the edges of your tile.

Making a Statement

You can make a statement with your grout by contrasting.

1) Chose a light grout with dark tiles or dark grout with light tiles.

2) Chose a color that is not in the same color family as your tile.

Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Wood has always been a popular choice in flooring, but it also comes with a lot of extra work. There is waxing, preventing water damage, and color changing from the sunlight. Today you can have just about any color, size and texture in porcelain that looks just like wood. Your care and maintenance will be easy.

You won’t need to worry about a leaking dishwasher or an overrun bathtub, because porcelain wood look tile flooring is hard and non-absorbent to those things. The best thing of all is, if installed the proper way, it will last forever.

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